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Complaints from online poker members

The complaints of online poker members, who experience problems currently, is also our obligation to help each other. Because we are social beings where we become human beings that need each other or can not live without other people. But in this modern era, it turns out that concern for others has begun to decrease. This is due to each one’s selfishness. Many people are also not willing to help or share with others because they are considered harmful to them. But in online poker games games, we are customer service from a trusted online poker game site. We are ready to help the members until the problem resolves completely.
Many online poker members who come and deliver their message are a distributor or a site administrator. In fact, it is only an ordinary customer service that helps process funds and several member problems with maximum capacity. This is because customer service works according to the orders or procedures of the company. Therefore, members may be able to know authenticity or truth. So that there are not misunderstandings and requests from the members who receive victory or accuse us of being the cause of his defeat. Because members think we have organized the game and member accounts to experience several or many losses.
During the last days, we have often received several messages from the poker members we have received, many of which are the same. Where there are already many members who come and complain that there are no bonuses admitted or received by members. When you are asked for the user name of the account and verified, there are members that have been shared. Then he sent a picture of the new member to believe it. There are also those who are not playing actively for a week, but they claim to be playing. There are also those despite the fact that the bonus has been distributed, but the member does not review and play the funds of the bonus until it is finished. Then, if members want to play, they can make a deposit first.

Many people are interested in testing online poker game games, so there are several people who register. In just one day you can reach 300 new members who register. But do not everyone want to play. Every day there are still new poker members who complete empty deposit forms without sending their funds. The nominal fact is also from IDR 100,000 to IDR 1,000,000. This is certainly intentional by members and tries to apply for free funds that can be harmful to the site or customer service itself. Even though the blank form has been deleted, the member tries to complete the blank form with a different nominal and the account is blocked.
Complaints against poker members to know
When it runs out of funds or experience many losses. Many members have fraudulent intentions or ways to obtain free funds. Where this member is coming and tries to first complete the deposit form. Then it comes to live chat by sending a photo of the transfer test. But the evidence sent by this member turned out to be funds that had been previously processed in the second account of it. Members try to convince or strengthen their arguments admitting that nothing has been accepted at all. When we review and give the Member test. There were those who were trapped and explained to them because apparently their friends had claimed and played with their own first.
If the member has victory. Of course, members immediately take the results by completing the retirement form. So that then funds in the account can be transferred by customer service to the account registered in the account. Many members affirm or say that the retirement process has been delayed or has not yet been received. Often, members only complete the form and immediately think that funds will go directly into their account. Although we, such as customer service, need time to process the withdrawal of other members’ funds. Members do not need to be afraid, whatever the nominal member WD without certainly the process